Truth of Life

There is a turning point in this journey of all of our lives where we stop thinking about what is right and what is wrong. We just follow our own tune. Neither obey what the parents said and neither do we listen to any of our loved ones. We only do what we like, even if it’s a problem for us.

We feel that what we are doing is absolutely right, our life will be corrected by it and we are looking cool in the eyes of others. But when that time is over and our shoulders bear the responsibilities of our house then we come to know that we have lost a very beautiful and very important moment in our life, And because of which we face many difficulties.

Then some people curse themselves for this condition, Some people curse the family for this And some people who are not able to face these conditions or do not want to do so, they end their lives. And they leave behind a lot of problems for their family members and many questions which are eaten inside their parents.

They do not even think a little about what will happen to their family members and their loved ones after they leave. What will this era say about them? The result of their previous mistake is to repay their own and their connected people by sacrificing their happiness.

Life is a very precious thing …
Do not waste it just for a moment of happiness !!!

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Akash Shri
He has just passed his Higher Secondary Education from the Faculty of Commerce And now he is a student of management studies. To Write is his Passion and Love as well after the love for his MOTHER and CRUSH. He love to Write Short Stories, Poetries, Shayris and Ghazals. He has been the Co-author of many books. His dream is to write novels. He Just want to be "Monarch" of this field. He love to go on long drive with his loved ones.

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