Heartbreak never depend on constant reason

We all say that I have fallen in love, that’s why my heart is broken, I have fallen in love, So I am suffering. But this is quite not true, The truth is that our heart breaks because of the trust and expectation that we do with the people living close to our heart and that’s why we also suffer, And all those things that bother us all start passing on us simultaneously.

Because of those expectations, More than half of the love of today dies in the middle of the way, Many friendships are broken. Because of these expectations, people start imprisoning themselves, There will be no talks with anyone, There will be no familiarity with them, No hope will come and no heart will be broken and there will be no trouble.

Therefore, The reason for heartbreak is not just love, Those people are wrong who say that they have loved so their heartbreaks. Love is not necessary to break your heart, Just make a true friendship with a fake person, Then if he did not make you cry and did not break your heart, Then understand that your friendship was fake.

These hopes are most broken by our true friends, We start expecting too much somewhere perhaps, Even more than our partner and hence, Our expectations are killed. Our friend does not receive our call for any reason or not even call back, Or not reply to our messages, then we start overthinking and we get very upset. There are so many reasons that break our heart and hope. Love is not only the reason.

It is not necessary that love only breaks the heart…
Sometimes true friendship also can break the heart !!

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Akash Shri
He has just passed his Higher Secondary Education from the Faculty of Commerce And now he is a student of management studies. To Write is his Passion and Love as well after the love for his MOTHER and CRUSH. He love to Write Short Stories, Poetries, Shayris and Ghazals. He has been the Co-author of many books. His dream is to write novels. He Just want to be "Monarch" of this field. He love to go on long drive with his loved ones.

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