Love Life of school

Oye Kanjoos!!

On hearing this, for a moment my breath stopped and my beating became fast, who knows me by this name in this unknown city?? To know this, I was very distraught and turned around and a loud slap hit my face.

Before I could understand anything, she again spoke, “Where was you? No call, no message, no one knows about you even at home.” Do you even know what happened to me after you left? You have changed your appearance, but you cannot escape me.

Come, now you go to my house with me, I tell you everything.Now I understood that she is my Bestie from my school time, and I hugged her and started crying.

Seeing me crying, she also got a little emotional but she handled herself and silenced me. And asked me to walk with her, I said no, I have a flat next door, let’s go there. She agreed and we both came to my flat. Now she started asking me questions and started scolding and she started crying as well.

She said that after the Class XII exam, where did you go, the aunty was also saying that she too did not know anything. As soon as she spoke, She stopped and said “Have you left home and come?”How much would I hide now, I told him the whole thing “You did not accept my love so I was broken, I could not understand what to do? I could not even call you because I felt that you broke our friendship, Now you will never talk to me again. And I didn’t want to disturb anyone at home because of myself.

So, I left home.” She again rebuked me and said, I had told you that I will do anything only by asking my sister, I did not say no to you. And you could only wait a little bit, And if you did not want to disturb the family, then why did you leave home? Do you even know how aunty is? Everyone is in bad condition only because of you.

Aunty calls me every day and asks if I know anything about you? And I give just one answer every day:- No.
But today I have you, then the answer will be different. And you will go home with me tomorrow. It has been four years since you saw the aunty. Well leave all this, let me give you a surprise, Get ready quickly. Now you go to the bathroom, I take out your dress from Drawer.

After a while, she went to a restaurant with me and she ordered and the next moment she took out a ring from her purse and said to me “Will you marry me?” I was taken aback and she spoke before I spoke, Buddy since you have gone, since then I keep carrying this ring in my purse, I do not know when I will find you at which point of life and I’ll again lose you because of a mistake. I love you, Please, Marry Me!!
I also said to her without wasting a moment, “Hey, I have been waiting for this moment for so long.”

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Akash Shri
He has just passed his Higher Secondary Education from the Faculty of Commerce And now he is a student of management studies. To Write is his Passion and Love as well after the love for his MOTHER and CRUSH. He love to Write Short Stories, Poetries, Shayris and Ghazals. He has been the Co-author of many books. His dream is to write novels. He Just want to be "Monarch" of this field. He love to go on long drive with his loved ones.

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