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We are all aware about the increasing covid cases and the second wave that has hit us so badly. As the citizens of great nation India, what should we be doing?
We should be staying at home wearing masks to maintain social distancing right this is what we are told from the past year. If we are selfless enough we should help the needy with food and sanitization and if we are wealthy enough then we should contribute economically but what we are actually doing is getting manipulated.

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The situation now is getting out of control survival is becoming a challenge but the left wants to bring downright, media is worried about content, people are fed up of lockdowns humanity is nowhere to be found and nobody is actually worried about covid. Everybody is looking for taking advantage of the situation in one or the other way and even worse wrong information is trending everywhere. The government has failed badly, the PM should resign really do we have time for all that, and even if he resigns do we have a better replacement? Will the other government be able to turn the situation around?
Try to understand and analyze our country check where we stand economically if the cases keep on increasing at this rapid rate what can any government do from where will they get beds and treatment.

US India

Italy and the US have a strong government comparatively but still, they lost so many precious lives. See we need to understand govt is not the god they can’t swing a wand and set everything right. We have to cooperate. Get vaccinated when it’s your turn stop spreading nonsense and stop believing in baseless rumors. I see around myself if a person is tested positive and is home quarantined we are treating him like we used to treat Dalits in the past show some maturity guys he or she will not come and cough or sneeze on your face they will stay in their space.

If you are really so much worried about the country instead of posting stories on #resignmodi please help those patients with daily essentials support them mentally. These small steps can bring a drastic and productive change. But no we want to roam around, the crowd in the marketplace can’t even spend a Sunday without alcohol and meat, meet friends, conduct rallies, strikes, marriages, functions, and then we want the government to get us oxygen bed and vaccine. Stop spreading hate do what is required we are not just about Congress and BJP or other political parties we are INDIA and we have to work towards #COVIDFREEINDIA.

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