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We are all Know about Bigg Boss Kannada Hosted by Sudeep and Bigg Boss Creative Head Parmeshwar Guntkal and We Know the Voice of Bigg Boss Kannada but We don’t know about behind voice of Bigg Boss.

Who is the invisible voice in Bigg Boss Kannada? The question that haunts many viewers. But he is only a fraction of the total voice heard on Bigg Boss.

For viewers of the popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss Kannada’, this question is not a one-time question. “Big Boss … day one, nine o’clock” is often heard. Who is the man behind this sound? Here’s the answer to that curiosity.

First Of all This voice, the contestants heard this voice, will shock every time. Contestants listen to what Bigg Boss is saying. Whose voice is this? This question has been haunting many people since the Bigg Boss show began.

What many people don’t know is that Pradeep Baddekkila is recognized as a voice-over artist by his unique voice. Because his voice is already well-known to all, Big Boss is the voice behind it, and there is another ‘invisible’ voice behind it. Pradeep is now telling only time and tasks related information giving to the Bigg Boss house contestants.

Pradeep originally started his career as a popular news reporter. Voice over for their news, they have now become completely voiceover artists. This is the voice heard in advertising and television promotions.

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