Bigg Boss Kannada Season 7

The Bigg Boss Kannada Season Grand Priemer on 13th Oct 2018, 6.00 Started the show and all Contestants. Season 7 has 18 Contestants and kichcha Sudeep is hosted the season. The show ended at 11 pm and it takes approximately 4hours to reveal the contestant’s name and faces.

Vijay Raghavendra emerged as the Winner of Star Maa Bigg Boss Kannada Season 1, hosted by none other than Kiccha Sudeep. He has been loved by the audience as a host and announced the winner on the basis of the votes the contestant received in the grand finale of Season 1.

Akul Balaji emerged as the title winner of BBK2 with the prize amount of 50 Lakh. Shruthi emerged as the winner of BBK3. Pratham emerged as the title winner of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 4. Chandan Shetty emerged as the title winner of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 and  Actor Shashi Kumar Last Season Winner at the first place on Bigg Boss Telugu Season 6.

Bigg Boss Kannada 7 Contestants’ Names:

1.Kuri Prathap

Bigg Boss Kuri Prathap


Bigg Boss Kannada Priyanka

3.Ravi Belagere

Bigg Boss Kannada Ravi Belegare

4.Chandana Ananthakrishna

Bigg Boss Kannada Chandana Ananthakrishna

5.Vasuki Vaibhav

Bigg Boss Kannada Vasuki Vaibhav

6.Deepika Das

Bigg Boss Kannada Deepika Das

7.Jai Jagadish

Bigg Boss Kannada Jai Jadadish

8.Gurulinga Swamy

Bigg Boss Kannada Guruling Swamy

9.Bhoomi Shetty

Bigg Boss Kannada Bhoomi Shetty

10.Kishen Bilagal

Bigg Boss Kannada Kishen Bailagal

11.Duniya Rashmi

Bigg Boss Kannada Duniya Rashmi

12.Chandan Achar

Bigg Boss Kannada Chandan Achar

13.Sujatha Akshaya

Bigg Boss Kannada Sujatha Akshaya

14.Raju Thalikote

Bigg Boss Kannada Raju Holikote

15.Chaitra Vasudevan

Bigg Boss Kannada Chaitra Vasudevan

16.Chaithra Kottur

Bigg Boss Kannada Chaitra Kottur

17.Shine Shetty

Bigg Boss Kannada Shine Shetty

18.Harish Raj

Bigg Boss Kannada Harish Raj


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