Women’s day

Women are a fantasy, they fight, the cry, the face problems, they love, they hate, the get ditched, they ditch, the are troubled, the face many people, many problems and much pain, beyond it all they smile.

Women has got a super power to smile and pretend like there’s nothing wrong with her while the night before she got her pillow wet weeping alone without anyone to share.

She hides her pain, she keeps it in her eyes and smile, tears neither come out nor stay back, rather stuck in her throat.

Friends, Family, Love, Society all at once sometimes is against her, all that a brave lady does is fight people alone, and just smile.

The strongest beast alive in the world is WOMAN!

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Nishka Tegnoor
She is Writing about Current Stories of Mind, Pain and She is interested in writing articles about Life, Love, Affections, as well as Short Stories. She is Focusing on Poverty and More.

    International Women’s Day Quotes and Messages 2020

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