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R Chandru’s Upendra starrer I Love You Cinema Video song┬áhas been released and Upendra and Rachita Ram have been romantically involved in Chandru’s Upendra starrer I Love Cinema.

Many commented that Rachita Ram did not want to act as Bold. Later, in an interview with Raichita Ram, the song was shot by Upendra. It is upsetting Uppi’s wife Priyanka Upendra.

This song was composed by director Chandru and choreographer Chinni Prakash. Priyanka’s question is why the rachita says the name of Upendra in all interviews. If the scenes do not like this, then the shooting would have to be said at shooting time.

Priyanka has sparked an interview with the English media, saying that it is why taking this Upendra’s name is pulling the everywhere.

I have made a costume design for I Love You, director Chandru did not invite me to the trailer release ceremony, and I love you cinema and Telugu on June 14th.

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