Only Girls Hurt

A girl can approach to kill a man or harm him if she has to suspect him to harass her.
It means a girl can approach to kill him. Then, just at one point, if there was any fight or any old enmity with him, she still can suspect him!? And the law will be for her, and against him.
You may ask me, people around may give evidence and the man may win the court, right? So the answer for your this question is, okay let me make it more clear, what can you do if she tells that you all together tried harassing her, Or if she tells that he tried harassing her all away when she was alone, when not even a single of you were there? So could you answer me for this?
Law always for girls isn’t the right thing, there are innocent men, and dangerous women, not all men are cunning and nor all women are innocent.

Try knowing the point, men have even much pain in society than women do have. People may judge a girl for short dresses and people with whom she hangout, but a man! Have you ever thought about what all man is judged? Take a point, if a man or a boy is crying, people, around may tell “Look at him, look at that girl, see how he cries”, irrespective of what he’s going through, what has a gone through, or what he has just seen NO, THE THING IS, IF A BOY CRY, HE ISN’T A BOY, what the kind of shit is that he is a boy and he shouldn’t cry? Why? A boy is by birth a stone-hearted? Or he hasn’t got any heartstrings?

The only girl, has got emotions? Only a girl is always pure? Always a boy double- dates? Does a girl never double dates? Does a girl never hurt a man?
Fine, the best society! Hats off, the best society, stop the stupidity out there, men have feelings, they get hurt, and things aren’t as easy to men as you feel?

They go through a hell of struggle than what a woman goes through, a girl dies out of monthly cycle, but a man has to burry all the insult, pain, hurt, and everything else in his own heart and shouldn’t share with anyone, because that’s what the rules are, MEN SHOULD HANDLE BY THEIR OWN, a man shouldn’t cry, he shouldn’t keep telling his problems, while a girl can share every small pain, “Mom, I fell down” She can cry, but a man “MOM, I LOVED A GIRL AND SHE DITCHED ME BADLY” even for this deepest pain a boy/ man shouldn’t cry because if boy is hurt it isn’t a pain at all, and if a girl has got even a small cut it is hell of pain.

If a boy/ man cries, people judge, what kind of man is he, he’s just gotta cry for a girl? Oh my god, so weak boy, like, he hasn’t got any feelings itself.
This thing isn’t to oppose girls out there, nor to support all the men, it applies to those cunning girls and the pure men.

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Nishka Tegnoor
She is Writing about Current Stories of Mind, Pain and She is interested in writing articles about Life, Love, Affections, as well as Short Stories. She is Focusing on Poverty and More.

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