let me hold your hands

You’re a mirror!
Your name says you’re ideal!

I know you don’t know I love you
I know we never spoke
I know we never met
I still fell in love
I late realized and that’s okay
Let me hold those hands of yours for which I fall

I know you’ll not bother if I’m alive
I know you never will think who am I
I know we never spoke if we know about us
Let me erase the pain in Your eyes for which I every day fall

I damn love you,
I know we aren’t aware of who we are
Your pictures took me
to you,
To the pain, you hide,
To hand you never give,
Let me once speak to you for which I crave for

Maybe you fake to hate love
Maybe you hide it all
But I see it all
I see you need love
I see you’re in pain
Let me once make you smile of which I love to be the reason

Maybe they don’t know
They don’t know you need one
They don’t know you need love
They don’t know you hide the deepest pain
Let me once hug you, I know all that you need is hug.

Let me hold your hand,
Let us walk miles together,
Let us talk about everything,
Let us make each other feel lighter,
Let us hug each other tighter,
Let us dump all the pain back,
Let us love each other

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Nishka Tegnoor
She is Writing about Current Stories of Mind, Pain and She is interested in writing articles about Life, Love, Affections, as well as Short Stories. She is Focusing on Poverty and More.

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