I Was coming home during Diwali. I went to the railway station, took ticket and started waiting for my train. Then a baby girl sitting next to me started looking at me with a sweet smile. Because I love babies more than anything since childhood so we started having fun with each other but hiding from the family of the baby girl i.e. hiding from her Mother-Father. Then after some time my train arrived and I got in my train and sat on my seat.

Some 5 mins had past ans a family came to the seat in front of me and they had the same baby Girl with whom I was having fun on the platform. A few times past and train came speed and the fun started again between me and the baby Girl but till now both of us were having fun from far away. After some time I asked to the family “Can I play with Baby Girl??” After thinking for a while Mother of Baby Girl said “Yes”. Then I started playing, started having fun and started talking with Baby Girl.

Everything was normal and then after coming to a station I became abnormal or just said that I got Shocked. Because that family was joined by a girl on that station, who was relative of that family and my school time bestie and CRUSH. School time Bestie because after school we’re not in touch with each other. I said on seeing her “Hey You!! After a long time. How’re you? You had like disappeared. No texts, No calls, Nothing. And what are you doing here?” Then She repeated same questions and told that “She’s going home” and interesting point was that we both had same hometown. Then we both started talking unlimited because we’re meeting for the first time after school life.

Both of us stopped talking, When the mother of Baby Girl said that “tell me something about both of you. How do you both know each other? Or will both be busy in yourselves” We both were a little shy to listen to her and then we both said her everything. Then she suddenly spoke “Only friend or something else?” After hearing this, we both started seeing each other and then said “No, only Bestfriends.”

And now I was distracted from the baby Girl. I’m just talking to my bestie now. Slowly it started to night, we all had dinner together. Everyone fell asleep for a while, but while sleeping I just kept thinking that would we both just be Bestfriends forever or something more than it??

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Akash Shri
He has just passed his Higher Secondary Education from the Faculty of Commerce And now he is a student of management studies. To Write is his Passion and Love as well after the love for his MOTHER and CRUSH. He love to Write Short Stories, Poetries, Shayris and Ghazals. He has been the Co-author of many books. His dream is to write novels. He Just want to be "Monarch" of this field. He love to go on long drive with his loved ones.

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