Roberrt Mobile banned

Roberrt Cinema Shooting will start on Monday may 6th but actually, a function is starting on Akshaya Tritiya day (May 7th).

Cinematography and will start filming from Akshaya Tritiya on Tuesday. Tarun Sudheer has made clear that he can not use mobile phones for any reason.

Tarun Sudheer is taken 2years gap for making a film roberrt and his last film Chowka and the movie is become hit in 2017 and now action cut for roberrt said Tarun Sudheer.

Near Cinema shooting(50 meters) no mobiles phones are allowed to use and strictly banned for using mobile phones in shooting spot.

Another important factor in mobile banning in the shooting spot is that the main scenarios and videos are to prevent leaks. some MNC companies have implemented such rules as their company’s data leak becomes operational and like that we have taken some rules at the shooting spot said Sudheer.

Meanwhile Taking many Decisions on roberrt film. so Mobile phones and Cameras also banned for who meets the stars on set.

overall Roberrt film Director has taken serious steps in advance Chandramouli and KL Rajashekar has written dialogues for this film.

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