Fake Friendship

Me: Hello!! Its’ Vikash and you??

Vivek: Hii!! Its’ Vivek.

Whem did friendship start from here and “Bro, Come tonight and eat dinner at my place.” Reached here didn’t know. Now we had become best friends. Such a good friend, We both knew each other’s secrets. Especially in school life, how deep is friendship,It is estimated by how much we abuse each other and we both got 10|10 on this scale.

The time was for the final exams of class 11. Vivek called me and said “Bro,I want book of physical education. I’ll take pictures and return the book.” I took the book and reached the place where we used to meet often. Also had a common friend with Vivek. We talked random things for a while, Both of them took pics of important topics and questions from the book. When i started leaving from there, I asked for the book then they refused to give the book  because tomorrow the Physical Education exam was going to take place, So I started becomig more restless. But even then both of them were not giving the book. So I got amgry from there and I told both of them to never call me again and switched off my phone.

 After a while they brought the book to my house. At night I called Vivek to apologize but he blocked my number so my call didn’t connect. I was also blocked on all social media. Then I called from Bhaiya’s phone but his number was also blocked. I got very upset, I didn’t want to lose him. I called all my classmates and told them the whole thing and also told them that they should ask Vivek to call me.

Amidst all these things, I came to know through a classmate that Vivek has already spread a lot of rumors about me, Like I’ve raised my hands on Vivek, Humiliated him on front of people and a lot of things and his plan was to make me mentally depressed one day before exam due to which all my exams went badly. And he knew all my weaknesses and he took full advantage of all these things and weakened me completely. And I got so mentally disturbed that his entire plan was successful and I failed in all subjects.

That day I remembered an old statement of My Mommy:- “Dear Son, Make everyone your friend but not a Best friend.”   

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Akash Shri
He has just passed his Higher Secondary Education from the Faculty of Commerce And now he is a student of management studies. To Write is his Passion and Love as well after the love for his MOTHER and CRUSH. He love to Write Short Stories, Poetries, Shayris and Ghazals. He has been the Co-author of many books. His dream is to write novels. He Just want to be "Monarch" of this field. He love to go on long drive with his loved ones.

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