Sudeep Talks about acting and his friend Yathiraj and Rangitaranga Fame Aravind They started Kalavidha Film Academy. Discipline is not limited to one. Yathiraj is an actor, journalist, Anchor. Sudeep said that acting and Stack is both need to develop in our career.


Kalaavidha Yathiraj

This will include acting, direction, narrative, compilation and yoga training and performing for kids at the weekend, dance classes. The academy has begun in Basaveshwarnagar. Will be a talented director, compiler and dancer. Sudeep spoke inaugurating the organization.

Kalaavidha Yatiraj Team

Kalaavidha film institute

Those who have learned in the training school will not be an actor. Such a company will benefit from such. We’ve learned acting as we look at the pictures in the photo gallery here. If we love art, it loves us.

Kichha Sudeep

Sudeep and Yathiraj

sudeep talking

Learn to love it first. because acting will fill you Stomach Yatiraj-Aravind has long been known. Every day at the cinema we see a new place, face, screenplay, scene, and innovations. When it comes to such a beautiful world, it is best to maintain the same innocence as it is in innocence. We do not know where our way will be.

Sudeep Talking about Acting

Sudeep Paints

Jackmanju Institute Youtube channel released and website also released by President of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce and wished. Sudeep painted the first four students for the ‘Kalavidha Film Academy’.

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