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We have created a poll on that bases of Top Serials on TV Channels like Zee Kannada, Colors Kannada, and Colors Kannada. For this title Best Couple on Television 2019

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We Collected more than 4000+ Votes on our Website and Accounts All over Karnataka lots of Voters are happy that They are voted for their best couple and we have listed here best couple on television 2019.

Couple Name Channel Name
1.Teju and Shravani Colors Super
2.Omkar and Chukki Colors Super
3.Radha Ramana Colors Kannada
4.Sidharth and Sannidhi Colors Kannada
5.Vedanth and Amulya Zee Kannada
6.Rama and Janaki Zee Kannada
7.Rishi and Kamli Zee Kannada
8.Arya and Maithili Colors Kannada
9. Adhi and Paaru Zee Kannada
10.Mithun and Raasi Colors Kannada
11.Arjun and Amurtha Zee Kannada
12.Samrat and Tulasi Colors Kannada
13.Rajiv and Mangala Gowri Colors Kannada
14.Lucky and Geetha Zee Kannada
15.Chandan and Chinnu Colors Kannada

*We have received multiples of votes from one user or one person & we are given based on high viewers on Television and No Partiality.

1.Teju and Shravani

RK Chandan and Divya Wagukar

Teju and Shravani chemistry is awesome, Teju and Shravani are from Mangalyam Tantunanena serial Colors This Pair is getting more popular in Karnataka. The craze is never ending Trending Jodi.

2.Omkar and Chukki

Omkar and Chukki

Tharak and Chandana

Omkar and Chukki from Raja Rani Colors Kannada this pair is always chit chatting always talking chukki Fans are liked this pair.

3.Radha Ramana

Raman and Radha

Skanda and Shwetha Prasad

Radha Ramana from Radha Ramana Serial this pair is evergreen They are always Love each other and her innocence is like their fans.

4.Sidharth and Sannidhi

Sidharth Sannidhi

Vijay Suriya and Vaishnavi Gowda

Sidharth Sannidhi from Agni Sakshi Colors Kannada this pair has unique fans base moreover this pair has already got more title for Siddharth and Sannidhi Cutest Pair Ever.

5.Vedanth and Amulya

Vedanth and Amulya

Rakshith and Nisha Milana

Vedanth and Amulya From Gattimela Zee Kannada, This Pair is new but still, Fans are Liking this pair even they recently joined Zee Kutumba Popularity is high.

6.Rama and Janaki

Rama and Janaki

Thandav Ram and Chaitra Rao

Rama and Janaki are from Jodi Hakki Zee Kannada this pair has huge fanbase maybe this pair is the prettiest Pair As we know on the Instagram lots of Messages and comments are getting.

7.Rishi and Kamli

Rishi and Kamli

Niranjan and Amulya

Rishi and Kamali are from Kamali on Zee Kannada this pair also new and they also created Trend Kamali Hoics.

8.Arya and Maithili

Jagan and Maithli

Jagan and Supritha

Arya and Maithili are from Seetha Vallabha Serial Colors Kannada Tv Channel. This Might Cute pair as we know that in times now.

9.Adhi and Paaru

Adhi and paaru

Sharatha and Mokshitha

Adhi and Paaru are from Paaru Serial Colors Kannada This Serial also new but they are very much Popular within a short period of time.

10.Mithun and Raasi

Mithun and Raasi

Swaminathan and Vaishnavi

Mithun and Raasi are from Mithunaraasi Serial on Colors Kannada Channel.

11.Arjun and Amurtha

Arjun and Amurtha

Deekshith and Deepika Das

Arjun and Amurtha are from Naagin serial on Zee Kannada Channel.

12.Samrat and Tulasi

Samrat and Tulasi

Trivikram and Deepthi Manne

Samrat and Tulasi are from Padmavathi serial on Colors Kannada Channel.

13.Rajiv and Mangala Gowri

Rajiv and Gowri

Gagan and Kavyashree

Rajiv and Mangala Gowri are from Putta Gowri Muduve Serial on Colors Kannada Channel.

14.Lucky and Geetha

Lucky and Geetha

Bharath and Geetha Bharathi

Lucky and Geetha are From Bramhagantu Serial on Zee Kannada Channel.

15.Chandan and Chinnu

Chandan and Chinnu

Chandan and Rashmi

Chandan and Chinnu are from Lakshmi Baramma Serial on Colors Kannada Channel.

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