An age-old, iconic establishment in the city of Bengaluru, Shivaji Military Hotel is renowned for its Maratha cuisine.

The crowd favourite, “donne-style” biryani here is cooked on dum using coal and robustly flavoured with stock, chunks of meat and a secret masala blend all made in-house. The biryani can be enjoyed with other meat-heavy preparations like Mutton Dry, Chicken Kalmi, Liver Fry and more.

In this episode of Gourmet On The Road, Food Lovers’ Editor, Kripal Amanna visits this bustling eatery to discover what makes it popular with the locals while he indulges in a full-fledged meal!

Chicken Dry
the chicken is smothered in masala, making every bite flavourful. Chicken cooked just right.
Rs 160

Mutton Dry
great quality meat. cooked dry with fat trimmings that imparts a deep savouriness, a meaty bite. So good!
Rs 190

Chicken Leg/ Kalmi Masala
plump, spicy chicken thighs. it’s juicy, succulent inside and has a peppery bite.
Rs 160

Mutton Donne Biryani
piping-hot biryani with gentle inviting aromas. the rice has all the flavours of the biryani, is cooked perfectly well and even has a bite to it. the meat is soft, juicy, fatty, all things you want in a piece of meat! a seriously tasty biryani!
Rs 220

Mutton Liver
cooked in green chilli, coriander and mint masala that has a freshness to it. a meaty piece of liver. a tad dry for my liking.
Rs 150

Chicken Donne Biryani
pleasantly surprised with the flavours for chicken biryani. lightly spiced with a chilli kick that you feel at the back of your throat. chicken with the rice makes for a lovely mouthful. the pachadi (yoghurt salad) helps cool off the heat.
Rs 180

Chilli Chicken
not your typical Chinese-style chilli chicken. this Maratha chilli chicken uses tons of green chilli. if you love your food spicy then this dish is for you.
Rs 160

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