Woman, Dear Society

I have got a life that I need to live with my choices, not by the judgments you give.

Dear people, how would you really happy I would be if you did mind your business rather poking in my character?

Dear people, how really happy life would I live if you respected my choices rather than your cheaper views?

Dear people, my dress is what I’ve bought with my money, and I don’t think your choices matter!

Dear people, my friends are my comfort, it would be better if you shut your views of their gender!

Dear people, maybe sometimes you are a woman too, but I don’t understand how do you judge me when you have the same problems too?

Dear society, if you have me you need to be proud, if you have me good to you are lucky, and once you lose the good me you’d surely live the worst life possible.

Dear people, I may work in night shifts but I don’t ask you to sacrifice your sleep, right? That would be better if you don’t speak about my night duties.

Dear people, if you don’t want to have a girl child, stop finding a female doctor for your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend.

Dear people, you want to have a daughter in law, but you don’t want your son to give birth to a girl child.

Dear people, I hope you know how worse your life is when a woman isn’t in society, she gives you the strongest strength, highest hopes and best advice.

A woman is a superpower, respect her and you’ll never know about loneliness.

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